This is just your memory. I can’t give you any new information.

So Johnny Cash died on Friday. I’ve never been a big Cash fan, but that’s more from being completely clueless than any matter of taste. The more I learn about the guy, the more intrigued I am. I spent Friday setting up a little tribute/links page. I’m linking to interesting articles and interviews, posting cool quotes, and trying to link to every Johnny Cash album I can.

That last part is really ridiculous. According to, there are over 140 Cash albums out there. doesn’t have all of them, so I won’t link to that many. But I am getting close. And as much as I enjoy earning referral fees from Amazon, this is more about seeing the expanse of Johnny Cash’s recording career. If I wanted to make money I’d just link to his recent releases and a couple boxed sets.There’s just something cool about seeing 45 years worth of music from one man.

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