Will boogie down for food

I cashed my first unemployment check today. That seems like some kind of pathetic milestone, but it was definitely needed. The unemployed life continues to be a drag. I had my first interview in four months this week, so that was definitely an encouragement. On the downside, it’s derailed my freelance motivation.

Once again I’m torn between pursuing freelance and pursing a real job. It’s hard to do both. If you land a bunch of freelance work and then get a real job, you’re overworked. But if you don’t look for freelance and a real job doesn’t come through, you’re broke. It’s hard to find the balance.

That’s where unemployment comes in and allows me to avoid commitment. Ironically, today was probably the least productive day I’ve had since losing my job. I spent the entire day reading about the Ten Commandments fiasco, thinking up T-shirt designs, and watching the second half of The Matrix. It didn’t help that my allergies are making life miserable.

While thinking about T-shirt designs (why T-shirt designs? I don’t know. It’s partially a silly-notion of an out-of-work guy wanting to make money online — ha! — and partially wanting to come up with one of those really clever ideas) today I stumbled across a disturbing article of clothing on Cafepress.com. If you’re not familiar with Cafepress, they offer a bunch of different items that you can customize with your own graphics: T-shirts, lunch boxes, stuffed animals, Frisbees — even though underwear. As you can guess, the disturbing article involves the thong. Someone took their happy Jesus graphic and plastered it on the slimmest of women’s underwear. I’ve seen plenty of similar examples that are purposely trying to be blasphemous or sarcastic or offensively funny. Sadly, I think this one is legit. I probably find this more amusing than I should.

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