It’s Link-O-Rama! (one more time)

Old School Educational Flicks
Check out this archive of advertising and educational movies from 1927-1987. Everything from duck and cover to swell parenting tips.

Atomic Comic
While we’re on the duck and cover theme, check out this old school comic about nuclear energy.

Oddball Comics
And while we’re on the comic theme, check out this site of oddball comics. Today’s theme? Catholic comics.

1980s TV Commercials
Gen X nostalgia at its best. My favorite was the C3-PO’s cereal — “A crunchy new force for breakfast!”

Die Trucker Hats, Die!
For those who think they’re cool: they’re not. The Gap plans to start carrying the hats next winter. “I never would have worn a trucker hat before because they were too cool,” said Zinner, who bought his two weeks ago while on tour in South Dakota. “But now that they are so uncool it’s cool to wear them.”

Teens Spend Billions on One-Night Bender
”It’s totally worth it!” said Lucas, who is still shopping and making final plans before the June 6 event. ”How can you put a price tag on a lifetime of memories?” The average 17-year-old spends $638 on prom, so apparently you can put a price tag on memories. I didn’t go to prom. Unfortunately, I have no $638 memories of bad sex in a cheap hotel.

Not in the face, not in the face!
The first rule of Dodgeball Club is you do not talk about Dodgeball Club.

Wal-Mart Menace
Last week I read about the perils of working at Wal-Mart in Nickel and Dimed (can you say, “give me a squiggle?”), and apparently Ehrenreich isn’t the only one with complaints. Three times a day there’s a new law suit against Wal-Mart. Ol Sam Walton must be rolling over in his shopping cart.

Flat Stanley Visits the White House
Apparently Flat Stanley is an elementary school project all across the country where students mail a small paper man to various places and somehow learn stuff. Frankly, I like “Flat Tyler” better (a project my cousin’s classroom did where they mailed a lifesize paper version of themself around the country. Much cooler. Though I can’t help but wonder if the Secret Service was wary of paper cuts.

If We Run Out of Batteries, This War is Screwed
OK, I didn’t finish reading this article, but it’s an incredibly interesting account of technology at the front lines of the second Gulf War. My favorite part was the use of Instant Messanging to check the likelihood of a chemical weapons attack.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started Youth Ministry (and part 2)
I’m more of a youth volunteer than an actual youth pastor, but this advice blew me away. Sometimes I feel like I try so hard to be cool, to connect with our kids, and I so much want to have all the results. I fall into so many classic traps. Sometimes I really need to lose the hip exterior and be my dorky self. My pathetic air guitar would open more doors than my detached aloofness.

Save me, Jebus!
And finally (yes, I like to save the best for last — see if anyone can make it through all those freakin’ links), tonight at the video store I saw the movie Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Oh my gosh. Has anyone seen this? I’ve got to find an excuse to rent this movie.

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