Worshipping What Sells

The worship parade needs to stop. The recent trend in Christian music where every artist suddenly spends a vastly higher percentage of their time singing worship songs is nauseating. Now there’s nothing wrong with worshipping God. What I have a problem with is milking a marketing trend.

Worship albums are successful right now, and putting out an album motivated by profit potential that’s supposed to be worship to God is just wrong. It’s bad enough that we blur the line between Christian business and Christian ministry.

My absolute favorite are the bands that do nothing but worship. Sonicflood performed during a chapel at work today. Sonicflood is a band entirely dedicated to the worship trend. They do worship music. They sing the same worship songs everyone else does, and that’s all they do. They don’t even do it better than everyone else. Today’s concert was dull.

In the Psalms it says to sing a new song. So why are we still singing “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”? It’s a great song, but worshipping God is not about what makes us happy or what makes us feel good. I may love that song, but my opinion doesn’t matter. We’re talking about worshipping God, and what I think of the song I’m singing doesn’t matter. If I’m more attentive or more passionate because it’s a song that I happen to like, then I’m focusing more on what I want than what God wants. That’s not worship. When you’re worshipping the focus should never be on my likes or dislikes.

That’s the problem with the worship trend. It’s not based on what God wants, it’s based on what sells.

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