One thought on “Grandpa Hendricks”

  1. hey kevin. i was just lookin through your blogs, and i noticed the article you wrote about grandpa. I wasnt able to go to the funeral so i guess out of sight out of mind type of thing has happened, i mean i knew he passed on and i greeved for a moment, but what you wrote is truely grandpa. i truely miss him too. i never got to say goodbye…. i hadnt seen him since i was probably 15 years old, after Lavern died. I have great memories too. thanks for taking the time to write about him. it was great to see. oh by the way, the picture of grandpa and grandma and curt, well that dogs name is Sandy and she was burried in the field nest to the house where that little pine tree was planted at grandpas house if you dont remember….

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