Addicted to Books

Books can be very dangerous for me. It’s as if I want my own personal library. Thankfully I limit my book buying to the used section, which almost exacerbates the problem; the books are so cheap, how can I pass them up? The result is a steady turn over of books in the used section of the closest Barnes & Noble.

And it’s not bad enough with me being a writer: my wife is a teacher. And of course, she teaches pre-school and elementary, so our books of interest don’t exactly overlap (but when they do you can be sure it’s a must-read).

I think the only thing I have going for me is the bus. Since I ride the bus I’m actually reading all the books I buy. Although I probably shouldn’t use the word “all.” Currently my book buying is out-pacing my book reading–kind of like the population. Or maybe it’s just my wife’s sneaky way of encouraging us to move out of our apartment and into a house with more shelf space.

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