Was Jesus an Introvert Like Me?

I envy people who are really friendly. There’s a guy at work who has the ability to talk with anyone and be friendly with anyone. He’s been there a third as long as I have and he knows ten times as many people at work. Being an introvert seems to hinder my ability to get to know people.

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus was an introvert. He kept to himself at times and no one really understood him. Yet he wasn’t afraid to talk to anyone, and often talked to the people no one else would talk to. It seems like it’s almost easier to be a Christian if you’re an extrovert. I wonder if anyone’s ever studied the religious beliefs of introverts versus extroverts. Something tells me more evangelists are extroverts.

It seems like a lot of the problems I see in life would be overcome if I just weren’t so introverted. If I actually learned people’s names and got to know people other than myself, I could over come the racism and classism I often complain about. But I’m sure life isn’t that easy for extroverts either. They probably have some issue that hinders them. I wonder if extroverts envy introverts.

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