I like my job.

Just last week I realized how lucky I am. I graduated college and got a job. That’s a pretty good start. The fact that the job I got is within my major is pretty cool, too. The really cool thing is that I actually like my job.

In high school I worked in a grocery store and I remember counting the hours. It was always two hours until break, four hours until lunch, six hours until the next break, eight hours until I get to go home. I’d count it down and try to work the system by working two and a half hours and pushing my breaks back, so the last two hour stretch would only be an hour. I played mind games with myself while I stocked frozen peas because I really didn’t like stocking frozen peas.

Now at my job I hardly realize what time it is. Break time comes and goes and half the time I don’t notice. I’ve never once counted how many hours I have left. Granted, some days are harder than others, and I do take my breaks and enjoy the rest it gives my brain. But it is such a blessing to actually enjoy my job. It’s actually worth the unfathomable debt I’ve strapped to my back in college loans just to be able to work at a job you like.

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