Smack Dab in the Middle

That’s what they tell me anyway and I agree silently. What am I supposed to say, what kind of answers am I supposed to give? How do you guide when you don’t know where you are? I’m so full of questions of how it’s supposed to be and we got so far off track. And now I’m a thousand miles away with a life of my own and I’m still supposed to care. Long distance charges on a relationship that already costs too much. Other families are dying and your problems seem so mundane. What do you want to hear from me? I can’t take sides, I won’t take sides, but it seems there’s no side left to be on. I’m stuck in the middle, stuck in no man’s land. That’s what happens when the one becomes two. It’s reverse, it’s backward, and you’ll never have two wholes again. You’ll just have a bunch of broken pieces. I guess we should have thought of that before.

Oh well, it’s the American way.

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