Ministry vs. Profession

When did it happen that ministry became a higher calling than any other profession? Somehow working for Jesus makes you a better person than stocking shelves at the grocery store or driving a bus or a crunching numbers at the bank. And don’t tell me it’s not true. When people asked where I was going to work after I graduated, every single person reacted with overwhelming enthusiasm when they learned I was going to work for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. If I said I was going to be an Assistant Editor they didn’t care too much. Oh that’s nice. But Billy Graham? Oh, Billy Graham! That’s just wonderful. Everyone did that. Apparently I’m a better person sitting behind my desk at the BGEA than I would be stocking shelves at the grocery store.

This is a serious misunderstanding of our culture. Certainly I am doing God’s work at the BGEA. But can’t I do God’s work at the grocery store? Isn’t being an example and encouragement to my fellow employees God’s work? Aren’t I ministering to everyone I come in contact with at the grocery store just as much as I’m ministering to people who read articles on BGEA web sites? How is one better than the other? Is an eye greater than the foot? We’re all part of the body, and we’re all equally important.

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