The Human Body

Science is cool. Tonight I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota.

My favorite exhibit detailed the human body. Watch brain surgery on TV, open a panel and get sprayed with a simulated sneeze, sit down and look at a friend’s magnified eye, and find out how many pints of blood are in your body. And that’s just the interior of the human body. My favorite display featured the outside of our bodies and the way different peoples and cultures perceive the human body. One wall featured photos of everything from breast enhancing pumps to sumo wrestlers to body piercings and tattooings. The opposite wall featured casts of real people’s bodies. They were done by an artist interested in celebrating the diversity of the human body; in contrast to the popular media that glorifies a computer generated physique. The body casts came from a wide range of people including an elderly woman, an overweight man, a pregnant women, and a mastectomy survivor.

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