Why Abortion?

Since when did abortion become the calling card for Christians? It seems to me if you are a Christian, you are automatically pro-life. If you are not pro-life, your status as a Christian becomes questionable. Abortion seems to be an extremely volatile subject for Christians. This election year it seems a number of Christians are voting solely on abortion, ignoring or at least relegating all other issues.

When did abortion become the Christian hot potato, to the exclusion of other seemingly Christian issues like racism, caring for the poor, loving the outcast, and salvation? Don’t get me wrong, these issues are important to Christians, but none of them stir up response like abortion. If you even remotely come across as anything but pro-life, Christians take notice and question your logic, your beliefs, your salvation. But if you hate white trash (one example of a modern day Samaritan?), no one thinks anything of it. Is either virtue “more” Christian? I remember Jesus eating lunch with the outcasts, but I don’t remember Jesus lecturing the Romans for infanticide. Not that I’m trying to claim Jesus wasn’t pro-life, but it seems like he was more concerned with other issues. Why aren’t we as concerned with the same issues?

And if abortion is such a hot Christian topic, what are we doing about it? This question really bothers me because I can’t come up with a suitable answer. If Christians want to be ecstatically pro-life, that’s great. But they better be doing something about it, not just slapping bumper stickers on their Buicks and voting for Republicans. If abortion is such a big deal, do we act like it? I honestly don’t think we do. For all the people who have told me how pro-life they are, I don’t know one of them who has talked to a teenage single mother and helped her through such a life changing event. I don’t know a single pro-lifer who has loved a woman seeking an abortion and spent the time necessary to show that woman Christ–whether the friendship resulted in abortion or a baby. Loving regardless of the results is what Christ would have us do. Yet are we doing that? If it’s happening, I don’t see it. Instead I see t-shirts, web sites, bumper stickers, books, magazine articles, pamphlets, graphic stories, and protest signs. Not a one shows the love of Christ; a love so world stopping he stood at the drinking fountain and talked with a woman who has had six abortions; a love so amazing he ate dinner with an abortion doctor; a love so dumbfounding that he cried precious tears for an aborted life, then took the would-have-been mother in his arms and died on the cross for her.

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