Two weeks. I’ve never gone that long without pondering before. For the first few days it was a nice break, but since then I think it’s been driving me crazy. When writing is what you do, it starts to get to you when you don’t do it all the time. You can tell I haven’t been writing lately.

As a word of explanation, I had to move out of my regular college housing and into my summer housing two weeks ago. Hence I had to pack up my computer and go through the fun of moving. Then they took two weeks to get our internet connections turned on, and that’s how I became a slacker.

You’d think after two whole weeks I’d have a lot to say, but I don’t. If you don’t spout off about something quickly, you lose the passion and it’s just not worth spouting off. And nobody likes a half spout.

So instead I’ll just fill you in on what I’m doing this summer. Last week I spent $500 of your money. It was fun. I’m working for the National Park Service writing a trail guide for trails along the Mississippi River. On my first day I watched a two hour defensive driving video. On my second day I read government ethics manuals for two hours. On my third day I spent two hours shopping for a new bike. On my fourth day I spend two hours buying a new bike, with taxpayer money. Since then I’ve been paid to ride over fifty miles on that bike. Fun stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff is in the Twin Cities. All these historic things, rivers, trails, culture, stuff I never imagined. I always just stayed in my dorm room, doing my homework, maybe getting out to the one Twin Cities attraction I knew about. It amazes me how much cool stuff there is around here. This past weekend I played tour guide with my fiance and bored her with all the useless information I’m learning. Did you know Minneapolis was built around the only falls on the Mississippi? It’s true. Pretty exciting, huh?

Well, I work a real job now, so I need to go to bed. My apologies to the addicted ReAL Thoughts fans who’ve been deprived. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

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