College Fire Alarm

When the fire alarm goes off in a college dorm, nobody really cares. Between fire drills and people who think they’re funny, it gets old real quick. So it goes off and you stand there scratching your head for a few minutes trying to figure out if that’s feedback from your roommate’s stereo, or if that’s actually the fire alarm. When it doesn’t shut off after several seconds you shrug your shoulders, glance out the window to see if you need a jacket, and nonchalantly head to the door. If it was a real fire we’d all be in big trouble.

Thankfully it wasn’t a fire today. But it was possibly a gas leak. And possibly a broken water main. But most likely a broken sprinkler and overflowing toilets. It depends on who you talk to and which story you want to believe. But no matter who’s story you want to believe, three fire trucks, two cop cars, one NSP van, two physical plant vans, and the Bethel Campus Security van–with it’s flashing lights–all pulled up in front of my dorm to answer the fire alarm. When that happens, you know it’s serious business.

Of course it took everyone a while to realize that. Since it was drizzling out everyone was congregating in the lobby. It was only drizzling, so we went outside. Then they kicked everyone out. A few minutes later they announced a water main had broken and there was a gas leak. Since there was a gas leak there was the potential for an explosion and we were told to vacate the premises. At this time the rumors began flying about whose suite was soaked in water and when the building was going to blow up.

A few hours later they let us back into the dorm with strict instructions to watch our toilets upon flushing them. A total of seven suites were under water, and I’m still not sure which story to believe. Too much excitement the day after finals, and I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted to. Oh well, it’s the summer. It doesn’t matter.

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