Late Night Questions

Some days come and go, I wake up half an hour late and stumble to class without a shower, they end going to bed way too late, wishing I had somehow gotten to bed earlier. In between way too many things happen, and when I sit down at night to think about something, I just can’t put my finger on just one. Prepare yourself for an overflowing fountain of thoughts.

So what am I going to do with my life? That’s become a pressing question lately. Next December I’ll graduate from college and enter the real world. That’s a scary prospect. And it’s getting to the point where I’m having to answer the question of what I’m going to do with my life. Just because I’m majoring in writing, does that mean I have to be a writer? Do I have to leave college and get a job as a writer? (and if so, can you tell me where I get one of those jobs?) Or can I do something else? Are my options limited to writing and writing related jobs? Can I work at a grocery store? Would that be so bad? I certainly still have passions and dreams about writing, and perhaps I could pursue those part time. Bring in a steady income at a grocery store and work a little less often on writing. Is that even an option? Of course let’s be reasonable, you have loans and bills to pay. But do I have to be so locked in? I just can’t help wondering and asking questions about my future. Am I locked in to spending forty hours a week behind a desk? Can it work any other way. And where is God in all of this? What would he have me do?

So many questions. I was going to spill forth with several different thoughts that have pounded me today, a truly random assortment of my day. But I’ve realized that I’m a little too frazzled to treat any of them with any dignity. So rather than grasp at straws and come up with something that leaves you wishing I had just gone to bed, I’ll just go to bed.

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