What’s the Real Issue?

So at what point do you toss in the towel and let it go? How long are you allowed to stick in your two cents, to fight for what you believe? Or do you just give it up and let it go? Why does it even have to be a difficult issue? Shouldn’t it just be a casual conversation between friends? Shake hands when the night is done and part ways? Since when do we have to draw lines and establish boundaries? I thought you didn’t want any boundaries. I could even care less if I’m right. We’ve long forgotten what the real issue is. I’m more concerned about your future. Who’s going to listen to you if you won’t even listen to me? At least we share some beliefs. But if you cast out those closest to you, who’s left? And why would anyone so far away from you even want to come near? It just doesn’t make any sense. I want to just let it go. It’s really not worth the trouble. But how many more have to feel what I’ve felt? How many more have to deal with this narrow mindedness? You’re not always right. I’m not either. Sometimes you have to admit that. It’s just sad when God’s own can’t even get along. How are we to spread the good news if we can’t even show it to each other?

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