Forget Yourself

A thousand voices echo through the hall, rising and falling in a crescendo of worship. Hands are lifted high in praise, voices strain and tears fall. A powerful wave of emotion sweeps through your body as you catch the tiniest glimpse of the meaning of the words you’re singing.

Worship. It isn’t about the right setting, the right song, or the right instrumentation. It’s about forgetting yourself. Forgetting your wants, desires, needs; and focusing on God. It doesn’t matter if the lighting isn’t right. It doesn’t matter if you’d rather sit than stand. It doesn’t matter if the drummer is off beat or the guitars aren’t right. It doesn’t matter if the songs are too slow or too fast. It doesn’t matter if you sing like a hyena. It’s not a concert. It’s praise to God. If you’re worried about everything pleasing you, how can you possibly be pleasing God?

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