Living is Risking

Sometimes I feel like I need all the answers. I have to have everything settled in my mind before I can act. Otherwise I’ll be stepping forward unsure of myself. Questions, doubts, and fears will reign. But I don’t think that’s always true. If that’s the case then I’ll be waiting forever. I’m beginning to realize that part of life is dealing with those questions, doubts and fears, coming to grips with them, struggling with them. Not simply holding back and trying to answer them. But flying in their face and finding out what the answer is. To do otherwise would be to not really live. There is a time to wait; a time to question, a time to doubt and a time to fear. There is also a time to act. A time to answer. A time to be sure. And a time to be brave. Sometimes life is a risk, and if you’re not willing to risk, then you’re not willing to live.

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