Prayer: An Act of Spiritual Defiance

Do you ever feel lost and helpless? Like your actions have no bearing on the rest of history? History belongs to the intercessors. Prayer is a powerful tool that we often underestimate. Just because things are ‘going that way’ doesn’t mean they have to keep going that way. Prayer can be an act of spiritual defiance against the downward momentum. We may say, “I am inadequate.” But Christ responds, “Will not what I have done inspire you to do your best?”

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Hard Work Comes Crashing Down

What do you hope in? What do you count on? Is it your friends? Your job? Your car? Possessions? Be careful what you hope in, because there’s nothing in this world that can’t be yanked out from beneath you. Happy thought, huh? But it’s true. That cushy job? Don’t count on it always being there. Your hard work finally paying off? Something can always go wrong. That’s just the pessimist in me lashing out, isn’t it? Perhaps, but I’m trying to warn you. When whatever you hope in falls apart, it leaves you empty and lost. I worked hard this summer, and a lot of it’s not amounting to anything. I had a lot of hope in that, and now it’s crashing down around me. Lesson? Don’t put your hopes in the things of this world. If you trust God to take care of everything, and don’t rely on your current state of affairs, you’ll never have that lonely, sinking feeling dragging you down.

And even when things don’t seem to be amounting to anything, don’t count ’em out. I’ve often noticed that God has an ace up his sleeve.

He Would Have Been 21 Today

He would have been 21 today. Life comes and goes. Another depressing sentiment from a college student pushed to the edge with homework, studies and life in general? Not really. He would have been 21. A kid I didn’t know and never met. He left behind friends and family asking why. Fists shake in the night, crying out to God for an answer. But in the darkness, do they realize that God knows their pain? The sky turned black as God turned his back on his Son, unable to look down on the sin of the world that Christ bore on his back. God’s own Son died. He knows your pain, more intimately than you. You look to the sky, wondering why, wishing someone would understood. And someone does understand. He created the vast galaxies, and God feels your pain. He would have been 21 today, and when the grief hits you like a tidal wave, know that the Creator himself has experienced those dark, desolate days.

Pizza Hut Billboard on the Moon

I saw this article on the other day. It was about how Pizza Hut was trying to come up with a new ad campaign. Something out of this world, I guess you could say. This artist’s drawing is what they came up with. They’re paying Russia $2.5 million to let them plaster the logo on the side of a Russian Proton rocket that will carry the next piece of the International Space Station into orbit. I find it rather humorous that space ships are beginning to resemble race cars. But what I found even more ludicrous about the article, was Pizza Hut’s original plan: carve their logo in the moon. I seem to remember that being the plan of a super villain in a cartoon. Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars it would cost to burn a Pizza Hut billboard the size of Texas into the moon, they decided to go for the rocket. I just can’t believe someone would consider defacing space like that. Space. Of all things. Next thing you know the solar eclipse will be sponsored by Visa, and you can’t see it unless you’re using Visa, cuz it’s everywhere you want to be. Ah, the joys of a consumer based society.

A first viewing of the Matrix

I just saw a glimpse of the eternal. I just saw a symbolic portrayal of sin, death, and redemption. Whoa.

I’ve never watched a movie in a less comfortable position. I’ve never held an empty apple sauce container and a spoon in my hands for the duration of a really long movie. I’ve never had my heart pound, my breathing stop short, or my mind be tickled to wonder so much in my life.

It’s just a story, I keep telling myself. A movie. It’s not real. It has no impact on this world.

Or does it?

The symbolism is real. The symbolism is powerful. Why couldn’t I see it myself… if only I’d open up my eyes and read it for myself. The truth is there. Take a hold of it. Chew it. Process it. Live it. I have been set free.

I just can’t help but wonder why it takes a movie for me to see just how much better the truth is. And I have the truth. It’s sitting here on my desk–and within me. So much more real and powerful and good then I or anyone else could ever imagine. Why do I not see that on my own?

Lord, forgive me.

Oh Lord my God. When I, in awesome wonder, consider all the works your hands have made. I see the stars. I hear the rolling thunder. Your power throughout the universe is on display. Then–my soul cries out, my God, how great thou art.

Words to express that very thought. Plots to reveal that idea. Themes to reflect on that notion. Symbolism to mirror that story. These are my desire… that understanding may be imparted, that darkness may be shattered, that souls may be set free, and that God above may be glorified. This is my reason for living.

What’s yours?