Silence Here; Shootings There

I took a moment today, well a half hour really, to be quiet. I had a very busy day today, and at the time I was folding my laundry. My townhouse was empty, and for some reason I didn’t put a CD in or turn the radio on. I just folded in silence. Although my mind kept racing, it still felt very peaceful. Who would have thought that elsewhere gun shots were shattering the silence?

The increase in student violence in the past two years is shocking. It’s hard to believe that the worst killing spree in United States history was done by high school kids–to their fellow students. I know that people everywhere are in shock. Some people will blame deadbeat parents, violent movies or video games. But ask yourself, could you have prevented something like this? No one expects their children to do something like this. Do you know yours wouldn’t? People treat people like crap nowadays, and this is just one of the repercussions. God have mercy on us all.

Ever feel like you’re putting your head down on the chopping block? At times it feels that way, but somehow I know that God has it all under control. I can feel a hand on my shoulder, and despite all logic, I know he can make it work. Some how, some way, the peace will come. Rest your head on my shoulder, and it really will be alright.

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