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End of Spring Break

A most “interesting” of Spring Breaks has come to an end. It’s time to hit the books again tomorrow. It’s good to be back in the Twin Cities, although I’m certainly not ready for classes to start up again.

The 12 plus hour ride home was rather uneventful, although I did notice a few things. I saw another one of those “God” billboards, the ones I talked about on March 26th. This one said, “C’mon over and bring the kids. – God.” I’m not too sure what it was supposed to mean. I also saw a rather disturbing billboard. This one featured two women in underwear and said, “Inner beauty only goes so far.” It was for Maidenform, which I guess is the brand name. I know advertising is full of lies, but now they’re just blatantly lying. What a crock. I did notice things aside from the scenery-marring billboards, the wild life count totaled five deer, all road-kill victims.

Doing Nothing for Spring Break

Everybody’s been asking me what I’m planning to do during my spring break. My answer? Nothing. At least that’s what I say. But as the first real day of nothing began, I found that I was kind of busy. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I did a lot of stuff. I think I’m just kind of impressed with myself.

What kind of a person goes rollerblading at 10:00 at night with a flashlight? A college student, that’s who.

Dr. Seuss once pulled a prank on a friend who was out of town. He filled the bathtub with Jell-O, fruit, and fish, and then left the window wide open (in the middle of the winter)–leaving his friend with one heck of a Jell-O Salad when he returned.

Hey, it’s my spring break, I don’t have to be serious. But in case you are searching for some intellectual stimulation, you can check out a few things I updated on my page. My Art Gallery (that sounds so high and mighty, MY Art Gallery) has a new “piece,” and I added another page to the Down the Toilet section. It’s my one of my Anti-Valentine’s that you’ve heard so much about. So go back to the Unnamed Web Page and check those things out (yeah, I’m too lazy to put a direct link there).