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Landline by Rainbow Rowell

I love Rainbow Rowell’s work and wanted to read her latest, Landline, as soon as I heard about it. It features a magic phone that allows you to talk with someone from a different time.  Time travel is always an awesome setup, and the phone-based approach is just fun.

So a workaholic mother, Georgie, sends her family off for Christmas vacation without her and as her marriage is on the brink she discovers a magic phone that connects her with her husband from 15 years earlier in the midst of another relational crisis.

Complicated? Yes. It’s probably not as coherent as it could be. The time travel effect was subtle and it took me a minute to catch up. But once you realize what’s going on, it’s fun.

Like other Rowell books, it’s full of humor, warmth and random asides. Plus you’ve got the time travel element, so that’s pretty great.