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We Like Easy Causes

At Cultivate earlier this week Clint Runge of Archrival marketing made a statement about the ease of causes. He was talking about generational marketing and the differences between Generation X and Generation Y. While general principles and trends may be true, I hate when marketers try to split people into clearly defined groups based on when we were born. Babies aren’t born into neat categories like that.

But that’s besides the point.

He said that the most important cause for today’s generation is the environment. Easily the number one cause they rally behind. Why? He said because it’s easy. Few will argue about the importance of protecting our planet. It requires little research and little knowledge. You can do simple things to be more eco-friendly and you’ve done your part. Compare that to health care. There’s a cause that’s not simple. It requires loads of research, you’ll face lots of opposition and argument, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a simple way to get involved like recycling paper or turning off a light.

“Social cause used to mean marching and burning bras,” Runge said. “Today it means wearing a bracelet or a T-shirt. Putting a sticker on your laptop. It’s too easy.”

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Generation YME?

You know what I really dislike? Being categorized in an age bracket. Baby Boomers. Generation X. The Millennials. There’s all these strange, fluctuating categories of people roughly defined by the year they were born and a few stereotypical demographics like feeling a need to belong or rebelling against the status quo.

Rarely do they acknowledge that people are, for the most part, individuals. Also, they seem to forget that generations really don’t mean a lot anymore. After all, teens graduate from high school every year. The population is fairly fluid from seven months to seventy. There aren’t well-defined generations of people my age, people my parents’ age, and people my grandparents’ age. The result is that some of us are left out.

Like me. I was born in 1979. By most estimates I’m too young to be a Generation Xer, and too old to be a Millennial. So what the heck am I? Screwed? Or just an overlooked demographic, which really isn’t a bad thing.

Isn’t it great what broad social marketing trends can do?