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Gene Robinson: Not a God-Fearing Christian?

The Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson appeared on NPR’s Talk of the Nation last week following his appearance in Washington, D.C., to deliver the invocation at Sunday’s inaugural concert. His prayer wasn’t carried by the live broadcasts, which prompted a flurry of protest (sounds like it was an organizational snafu, not an intentional snub). For those who don’t know, Robinson is the gay priest who was elected as a bishop in 2003, causing the current upheaval in the Episcopal church. Though I attend an Episcopal church which is still reeling from that 2003 decision, I’m not that familiar with Robinson and his theology.

He had some interesting things to say on NPR as they took callers and he answered questions. Some things I agreed with, some I didn’t.

But one of the most bizarre was an exchange with a woman who described herself as a “God-fearing, Bible-believing Christian.”

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