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The Minnesota Vikings Melted

That’s odd, the unseasonably warm weather we’re having in Minnesota is not only melting the snow, it appears to have melted the Vikings as well. What a shock! It’s really funny, because it seems like everyone in the state (including yours truly) totally expected the Vikings to go all the way. Newspapers and TV have been filled with “Road to Miami” specials. Guess not. Did anybody see the Vikings owner on Fox after the loss? They talked to him after he came out of the locker room. As one of my friends put it, he looked like his mother just died. I’ve never seen such a depressed face. It seems strangely profound that we put so much trust and hope in a football team, only to see our hopes dashed. While watching the game, someone pointed out that they were glad their salvation didn’t rest in a football team winning. With one loss the 16-1 Vikings are finished. The finality of playoff football is unbelievable. It’s so uncertain. I’m glad my eternity is grounded on something a lot more firm.

Enjoying the Cold

I think today’s ponderings are going to be totally non-intellectual. It’s been a rather lazy Sunday, and I think I’d like to keep it that way.

Did you see the Vikings pound the Cardinals today? I’m not much of a football fan, but you have to respect a team that plays that well. They’re just entertaining to watch. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun being in a city that wins the Superbowl.

Wow, it’s been pretty cold out there. But to everyone suffering from the frigid cold weather, I have some advice. It’s pretty good advice too, because Minnesota’s been below zero pretty much since I came back from Christmas break. It was -16 on Saturday. First of all, throw fashion out the window (which is good advice no matter the season). Sure, the nice warm hat will do some major static cling to your hair, but your ears will show no signs of frostbite. Secondly, keep your vehicle in good shape. Check those window wiper blades (I just put new ones in, and it was really easy and inexpensive), fill up on wiper fluid, and start your vehicle everyday and warm it up to keep it going in this extreme cold. Finally, don’t just huddle underneath your parka and shiver, complaining about how cold it is. Put on some long johns, and get out there and enjoy the weather! Am I nuts? No, just smart. Twice now I’ve been outside in sub-zero temperatures without a jacket. Crazy? Maybe. Just enjoying some Broomball. But no matter the sport, get out there and enjoy the weather. It may be cold, but once you move around you won’t even notice it. Cold weather is no reason to stay cooped up inside. I made that mistake last year and missed some great fun. (Mom’s Note: Just don’t be dumb about it. Be aware of frostbite and all that good stuff)