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Explaining Food Riots in Haiti

Interesting (and lengthy) article explaining the causes and realities of the food riots in Haiti:

“Haiti doesn’t suffer from a lack of food because there’s no food, no! It is because the rich don’t understand the poor.” -Sylvie St. Fleur

A lot of it comes down to inequalities between the rich and poor, as well as big time mismanagement and corruption (within Haiti and without—U.S. aid practices share some of the blame).

People Dying of Hunger and a Fancy New iPhone

Food riots are still on my mind. Turns out I didn’t have to look to broader news outlets for that breaking story, I could have just caught up on the 1,000+ unread items in my Google Reader. If I did, I would have come across this slap in the face from Shaun Groves:

“If the government cannot lower the cost of living it simply has to leave,” said protester Renand Alexandre. “If the police and U.N. troops want to shoot at us, that’s OK, because in the end if we are not killed by bullets we’ll die of hunger.”

In other news, rumor is Apple’s releasing a 32GB iPhone in May for only $599!

Ouch. But he’s right.