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I’m a Pregnancy Party Pooper

I wrote a guest blog post today over at the Buck Daddy blog. It’s a confessional, painfully honest post. Basically I admit to not being excited about people’s pregnancies because I think they should adopt.

I know, pretty horrible, right?

I know adoption isn’t for everybody. There are people who just aren’t ready for it and there are people who simply shouldn’t adopt. And I get that. But I can’t help hearing about a pregnancy and thinking that they could have adopted. I wish they’d consider it. And maybe they have.

I’m trying to get over it.

I used to be excited when I heard that friends or family were pregnant. A new baby! A new life coming into the world and all the joys and wonders that come with it. High five!

But then we adopted. …

[Now] I’m a pregnancy party pooper.

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Update: I’ve added a new post with some clarification and apology.