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Grocery Store Eye Candy

A computer shaves the pounds off a model, and a young girl sees how much farther below the supposed standard she is. But it’s not really the standard. It’s just an image. An image that no real woman could successfully hide behind. At the grocery store this weekend I saw a rather disturbing cover of some woman’s fitness magazine. I think it was called Shape or Self or something like that. The cover featured the typical skinny model, but this one was adorned in what could only be her underwear. But it wasn’t simply that. You find that in every flyer in the Sunday paper. A bow tie has more fabric than this woman’s underwear. I suppose this grocery store eye candy did it’s job. The image still sticks with me, no matter how hard I try to forget it. What confuses me, is why would a woman’s fitness magazine put something like that on the cover? Doesn’t it simply perpetuate the unobtainable standard? Do women willfully accept this standard? As sick as it is, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue makes sense, because men are simply lusting after the women and seeing them as mere objects. But a woman’s fitness magazine? Where’s the draw of putting skinny, almost naked women on the cover? Is this some kind of guilt persuasion?

Image is too important today. The clothes you wear, the shape of your body, the car you drive. When is it going to stop? When are we going to stop keeping up with the Jones and start being content with who we are and what we have?

Sex and the Swimsuit Issue

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that Valentine’s Day theme. Today’s topic? SEX.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue came out this week. Could somebody please tell me what women in really skimpy bathing suits (or birthday suits in some cases) have to do with sports? It’s crap like this that associates airbrushed models with beautiful women in men’s minds and we have the misconceptions about beauty that I talked about on Sunday.

You may also have heard about a major study that came out today. It made the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. It reported that 40% of women suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction. The study suggested that the explanation behind some of those cases is “partner turnover,” or simply put, sleeping around. You mean having sex with lots of different people can cause problems? Gee, what a concept. Marriage was invented for a reason.

While we’re hitting the topic of sex, another report was released about sex on TV. Primetime sports an average of three sex scenes per hour. Isn’t that just wonderful? My first thought was that the cartoons are always safe. But then I remembered the recent previews for Fox’s “King of the Hill.” Every one of them I’ve seen has featured sex. Cartoons are not supposed to be naked. There’s just something inherently wrong with that.

I may only be a tiny voice crying out in a vast wilderness, but I’m going to scream just the same. Society is messed up, and something really needs to change.

The Tears of an Angel

The tear of an angel drips to the ground. It wells up in the corner of her eye, trembles for a moment, and then splurges down her face. It slides off her chin and falls to the cold, hard ground. She closes her eyes, but the pain just won’t go away. The harsh judgement of those leery eyes has fallen on her one too many times. The pang of hunger gnawed at her throat, a constant reminder that she didn’t quite reach the ideal. If only she would realize that someone did love her. Someone notices the sparkle in her eye, and someone actually sees angelic beauty underneath the tear stained cheeks. Someone sees the bottled up joy inside of her and wants to loosen the cork. Someone frowns when she picks at her salad, fighting off hunger to save a few pounds. Someone sees the beauty, no matter her weight, no matter what. If only she knew this someone, and could feel the freeing love. Doesn’t she know that she’s more than a body? Don’t you know that she’s not simply flesh? Then won’t you be the someone to water this precious flower and watch her bloom before your eyes?

Guys Don’t Have a Clue

It’s come to my attention that a lot of guys out there don’t have a clue how to treat women. This is becoming more and more apparent, and not just because a few jerks out there can’t get dates. The main problem is society and they way we portray sex, relationships, and women. Sex is cheap. Relationships equal sex. Women are objects. This twisted mentality is destroying people.

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