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Explaining My Absence

Hey, I’m back. Sorry for the extended absence there. I thought I was finally over my sickness, and then BAM, severe sore throat for four days. Plus my mom came to visit this weekend. Which always helps. Severe sore throats deserve some mothering. I’m still not over it yet, and I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully this will get taken care of soon, because I’m not only following behind on my ponderings, but my school work as well. I thought tonight I’d share some more about Sedgewick.

Sick and Working Hard

For those of you truly worried about my state of health, the doctor told me it’s probably the clinging remnant of some bug. So I just get to deal with it until it goes away. Bring on the advil!

You may be noticing a few subtle changes here at I’ve decided to take my Fall Break here at school and bring some much needed change to the site. It’s cool to see the possibilities. We can do so much. There are so many things that can be done. Microsoft asks, ‘Where would you like to go today?’ and I think that’s a question we need to ask ourselves. We don’t have to sit around and wait for others to do everything. We can do it. Take the initiative and change the world.

Temp 105

The dead are raised, the lame walk, and the sick are healed. Well, I’m not exactly healthy yet, but getting there. I just love being sick. Sunday I had a temperature of 105. Then I remembered you’re supposed to shake the thermometer. Whoops. Sorry for skipping out on my daily thoughts for some much needed sleep. Now if only I had an appetite.

I Just Love Being Sick

Eyes aching. Can’t focus. Head pounding. Arms shaking. Can’t stand up. Can’t sit still. Body reeling in a thousand directions and it just won’t stop. So disengaged with reality I don’t even hear the commotion in the hallway. All you can do is lie in bed and wait for the shivering to stop, wait for the equilibrium to return.

I just love being sick.