You Are Loved yard sign by Rae Senarighi

Oberlin Visit: To Ohio!

Back in August, Lexi and I took a trip to Oberlin, Ohio for a college visit. It’s a long drive to Ohio, so we spent an extra day seeing what there was to see.

Touring Oberlin was interesting, though it’s not one of Lexi’s top choices. The sight seeing was more notable. On the way home, we took a detour through Milwaukee for Washington County Pride to see some family (ignored some religious bigot protestors and grabbed some gorgeous artwork by Rae Senarighi—check out their store).

Mountain Biking

I brought my bike and hit Royalview singletrack on Saturday morning while Lexi slept in. Ohio is now the ninth state I’ve mountain biked in.

Cleveland Shopping

Then we did some shopping around Cleveland, including the nostalgia-trip that is Apple Jax Toys. We also found a gay Christmas tree.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

We hit Cuyahoga Valley National Park, taking in Brandywine Falls and Bridal Veil Falls (awfully dry) for good sights with minimal walking. We tried to hit Cuyahoga in 2018 on our way home from Washington, D.C., but I was sick and we stayed on the road. To really enjoy the park, seems like you need to get on a bike and take a pedaling tour.

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