Period Products Overflowing on My Porch

My porch is piled with pads, tampons, and other period products. Nearly every day another box comes in the mail or another bag of supplies is left at the door.

Why: It’s all part of the Women of West St. Paul Pad Drive my wife is helping to organize.

  • They’re going big for the fifth anniversary of their pad drive, working to raise $10,000 in products and donations. They’re nearly there.
  • Why Period Products? Because the need is great. Period poverty impacts 14 million people and results in missed school and work, depression, and all sorts of other dumb impacts for something as simple as not having products to deal with a problem that shows up every month for someone’s entire life.
  • More: I wrote about it extensively for West St. Paul Reader.

How to Donate

Here’s how you can help this important effort:

  • Send money: Venmo (@Abby-Hendricks-14) or Paypal (
  • Buy product: Amazon List
  • Drop off in person: At the Art Park Pad Drive on Thursday, August 10.

All donations will go to Neighbors, Inc., the local food shelf serving northern Dakota County.

"This is not a fringe issue. It's a natural, human bodily process and should not be cloaked in shame." -Katie Dohman