Lisa Eng-Sarne, candidate for West St. Paul City Council

Vote Lisa Eng-Sarne for West St. Paul Ward 3 City Council

I’ve held off on making endorsements this year in a number of local political races because of my work with West St. Paul Reader. However, I am enthusiastically endorsing Lisa Eng-Sarne for West St. Paul Ward 3 City Council.

The Bullying, Lying Opponent

Given the competition, my endorsement should be no surprise. I wrote extensively about her opponent, David Meisinger, in 2018 and his bullying, intimidating behavior.

He hasn’t changed.

This year he’s making false, misleading statements, implying that he’s the sole ‘law and order,’ pro-police candidate while also suggesting we’re living in “lawless” times with “unchecked crime and disorder.” He’s wrong on both counts. No candidates in West St. Paul have attacked police or even suggested defunding police. And there is no significant spike in crime in West St. Paul.

Anyone supporting him should be asking some serious questions about the statements he makes, his lack of transparency, and his completely inappropriate behavior.

Vote for Lisa Eng-Sarne

But why waste any more time talking about him? Let’s talk about Lisa Eng-Sarne.

Eng-Sarne first ran in 2018 in a four-way primary for the Ward 3 City Council. At the time, I supported Wendy Berry. But I also wrote letters to the editor encouraging people to pick Berry or Eng-Sarne. I could only vote for one, and I ended up with Berry. But I also supported Eng-Sarne when a seat opened up on City Council and someone had to be appointed. So Eng-Sarne has represented my ward on City Council since January 2019, and I’ve been impressed with her work.

Let’s look at why.

Roller Derby

Eng-Sarne is a freakin’ roller girl! She spent 11 years throwing elbows on the flat track, showing grit and determination. More than a colorful backstory, being with the Minnesota Roller Derby means Eng-Sarne did more than show up and skate. The athletes run the entire program, from the accounting to the marketing to the clean up. It’d be like a Lebron James selling tickets before taking to the court. So there’s a lot of incredibly valuable experience there.

Government Experience

Let’s leave hip, counter-culture athletics behind and go to the other extreme of uptight formality found at the Minnesota State Capitol. Eng-Sarne spent six years working for a state senator, learning the ins and outs of public policy. She knows constituent services and how to get things done for the people. Plus, knowing her way around the Capitol has already paid dividends as she’s successfully lobbied for our sales tax and the recent $2.2 million for sewer infrastructure.

Shows up for People

Finally, let’s just look at how she’s done her job. When I wrote my endorsement for West St. Paul Reader, I was going to mention a few events she showed up at and say, ‘gee, she sure shows up for people.’ Instead I found 20 photos of her at different events in West St. Paul over the past year and a half. Eng-Sarne shows up. And not only is she present, but she’s there for people. Watch this video of Eng-Sarne stepping up to help a woman at a City Council meeting who became too overcome with emotion to read her statement:

What More Needs to Be Said?

My West St. Paul Reader endorsement goes into specific issues and offers even more general reasons (like a veteran Council Member saying Eng-Sarne is the most prepared Council Member he’s ever worked with), so I won’t repeat myself. You can also check out my 2020 West St. Paul Voter’s Guide for links to all the candidate forums, questionnaires, and more (notice how Meisinger only shows up in three out of the seven, while Eng-Sarne is in all seven).

Lisa Eng-Sarne is the first woman ever appointed to West St. Paul’s City Council. When she joined Berry, it also marked the first time West St. Paul’s City Council had two women serving at the same time. So come on, ward 3 neighbors, let’s elect Eng-Sarne to a full term.

Join me in voting for her on November 3 (or before!).

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