Meeting Congressional Candidates: Jeff Erdmann

Tonight I went to another political meet and greet. Second one this week. And I took my daughter. Again.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

That’s not true. I’m angry. That’s what’s going on. This story broke about Minnesota House candidate Lindsey Port being blackballed  by DFL donors for speaking out against sexual misconduct.

So I’m feeling this push to be involved, to speak out, to let my voice be heard. I’m not just going to sit at home and complain.

Tonight Lexi and I walked to the coffee shop to hear from Minnesota 2nd Congressional District candidate Jeff Erdmann (“It’s spelled like ‘Nerdman,’ but take the ‘n’ off the front and put it on the back.”). He’s challenging 2016 DFL candidate Angie Craig for the DFL endorsement to face incumbent Jason Lewis in November.

I liked hearing Jeff’s story. He teaches American government to ninth graders at Rosemount High School. He teaches varsity football. He’s on reduced time at school in order to campaign (as reduced as he can and still keep health insurance) and his wife took a part-time job. 

Jeff talked about being able to appeal to rural voters and working class people. He talked about teaching his students and needing to help them understand Democrats and Republicans—this idea that we need to actually understand each other and come together on things we can agree on.

He also talked about integrity. He told a story about what he tells students, that they can determine what their school is like. They’ll see kids making fun of other kids and they have three choices: They can laugh, they can ignore it, or they can stand up to it. And it’s really two choices, because if you go along with it or you ignore it you’re doing the same thing.

I like that my daughter was there to hear that story.

The bottom line of tonight was whether or not I was going to support Jeff Erdmann or Angie Craig.

When the presentation was over, I asked Lexi what she thought.  She said she only heard from one candidate, so she can’t decide until she hears from the other.

Kids… right?!

So I feel like I need to take Lexi’s advice and hear out Angie Craig.

But I like what I heard from Jeff Erdmann (Nerdman!). I like the idea of a high school teacher and football coach representing me in Congress. 

If you’re in MN CD2, take a look at Jeff Erdmann (the caucus process starts in a couple weeks, so you need to get involved now). If you’re not, take a look at your Congressional candidates.

Now is the time to speak into the process. Now is the time to be heard.

(And do yourself a favor—take your kids with you. They’re pretty freakin’ smart.)

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