137 Books Video

I like to read a lot. That should be obvious. Especially since I wrote a book about how to read a lot. Said book launches next week.

So I’m in promotion mode, frantically emailing people, whipping up marketing ideas and every now and then enjoying that glorious moment when someone loves my book. And then slipping right back into the frantic terror you feel while waiting for the reactions to a creative project.

Today I created a video for 137 Books in One Year. I like to think I have a reputation for creating homemade videos, since that’s exactly the level of quality I can create: homemade. I did it for Foursquare in 2007 (wow, that was painful) and for the Table Project last year (not quite as bad), both projects where the idea was to make a video that was less than professional.

Of course this time my only excuse for being less than professional was because I am. I wanted to make a video that was slightly more than just me talking at a camera, without taking more than a day to do it. The result? Homemade goodness! Hey, I’m no Kid President.

Here it is in all its embarrassing, awesome glory:

Remember to pick up a copy of 137 Books in One Year: How to Fall in Love With Reading (the digital version will be free Feb. 5-7)

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