Sharing The Stephanies

Since The Stephanies came out last month, Lexi and I have been having fun sharing the book with as many people as we can. Here are three great examples:

Letter from Denver
One of the incredible backers of our Kickstarter campaign turned out to be a teacher at Metz Elementary in Denver. She shared the book with her third grade class and then sent Lexi a letter. Lexi has fan mail! She included a letter from one of her students. Beverly writes, “I think that your story is very awesome.” Lexi was pretty excited to get the letter and now we’ll be writing back to Beverly and the third grade class at Metz Elementary.

Here’s Beverly’s letter:

Lexi’s letter from Beverly.

South St. Paul Reading
Last week Abby had Lexi come to her second grade class and read The Stephanies. I was a little unsure how this would go. I thought second graders would be put off at being read to by a first grader. I thought Lexi would clam up and be too shy. Good thing it wasn’t my plan. It went great. The class loved Lexi. She did an amazing job reading the story and answering questions. While she’s often shy in situations like that, she figured out how to rise to the situation and shine. We’re pretty proud of her.

Here are a few pics from the reading:

Lexi reading to Abby’s class.
Lexi with Abby’s class.

Nigerian Reading
Then on Sunday we did a Skype call with another incredible backer of our Kickstarter campaign. These were friends living in Nigeria, so it was a great chance to connect, be goofy and read The Stephanies. Perhaps the best part of this international reading was that our friends in Nigeria had literally spent the day on the beach while we were bunkered down in the midst of a 10-inch snowfall.

Here’s a glimpse of that reading:

Skyping with friends in Nigeria.

You Can Make It Happen
All of which is pretty awesome. It kind of sums up what a recent review had to say about The Stephanies: “I love it because they made it happen.” That’s the cool thing about The Stephanies. We didn’t do anything outrageous or nearly impossible. New technologies have put this stuff in reach of the common person, and we just pulled it together to tell a fun story. You could do it too!

If you haven’t picked up your own copy of The Stephanies yet, you can get all the details and versions available here.

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