More Adoption Stories

I came across this exchange between a mother and her son on another blog from an Ethiopian adoptive parent:

“Mama, what time of day was Philip born?”

I answered, “I don’t know honey.”

He replied, “You don’t know?” He looked slightly befuddled as he said, “How can you not remember?”

I am sure I looked slightly befuddled as I said, “I wasn’t there…”

A light dawned in his eyes and he said, “Ohhh… yeah. He was born in Ethiopia.”

A gentle reminder that the how of a family isn’t always so important.

One thought on “More Adoption Stories”

  1. That’s great, thanks for sharing Kevin. We’ve got 4 young kids and we’re already having these kinds of conversations in preparation of our adoption.

    I love that kids are curious and honest. Characteristics we all should have…

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