Never Before Have So Many Been Able To Do So Much

I love reading indie-folk rocker and Compassion-plugger Shaun Groves’ blog. Because every time it kicks me in the butt. That’s probably why I don’t read it very often (sorry Shaun). Today was no different. A post about how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.

Shaun gave us a reminder that today we are directly responsible for very few of our basic needs. Providing food, shelter and clothing is pretty easy. You don’t have to toil in a field all year to get your food. We don’t spend every morning gathering food for the day. As Shaun said:

At no other time in history have other people been so capable of meeting my needs for me. Strangers are doing all my life-alteringly significant chores and leaving me with nothing to do but wake up every day and simply ask “What do I want to do?”

You and I have more time than anyone has ever had.  More education.  More money too.  So now what?  What will today be about?

And that’s the kicker isn’t it? We have more freedom (economically, politically, socially, etc.) than anyone in history. So the obvious question is what are we doing with it? We can horde it and enjoy it for ourselves, or we can spread it around.

It’s not always an easy choice (Mmm… iPhone, new laptop, new Star Trek flick, day on the couch watching NASCAR, etc.) and it’s not always an all or nothing choice (sometimes you need a day on the couch and sometimes that iPhone opens doors to share your freedom). But in general, the words of Spider-man come to mind: with great power comes great responsibility. With all our bills, stress and deadlines it may be hard to believe that we have such great power. But we do. (If you don’t believe me, look at the example of a formerly and soon to be homeless again unemployed man from Los Angeles.)

If that’s more overwhelming than inspiring, I encourage you to take small steps. We can’t all save the world every day. But a thousand tiny changes will make more difference than you know.

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