Ethiopia: Day 7

Get ready to cry—today’s the big day. There will be a special celebration at the care center as Milo says goodbye to the care center and his nannies and is placed in our care. I imagine this will be both a sad and joyful day for everybody. I’m actually typing this 12 days ahead of time and just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

In the afternoon we’ll head to the U.S. Embassy with Milo to get his visa and everything we need to bring him home.

In the evening it will be us and Milo, our first night together. He’s in our care, now and forever. There I go crying again as I type this, 12 days before it happens. It’s just been such a long process—I’m so happy our little baby boy will finally be with us.

One thought on “Ethiopia: Day 7”

  1. It sounds like you have had a fun and full stay thus far. I hope you are enjoying your travels around Addis and are having so much fun getting to know your little Milo!

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