Ethiopia: Day 4

Today we’ll get to spend some real time with Milo. We’ll get to observe him in the care center where he’s spent most of his life and learn his routine, his personality and everything that makes him tick. Or as much as we can pick up in a few hours in the morning.

In the afternoon we’ll venture out into Addis Ababa (with a guide) for some shopping. More like buying, since we won’t have time to shop around. We’ll be looking for authentic Ethiopian ware to add to our home, fun gifts for friends and family, something for Lexi (shh, don’t tell!) and stuff for Milo to help maintain a connection with his homeland.

As stressful as shopping in a foreign land can be when you’re trying to buy stuff for all sorts of people and your child’s future, I’m thinking this is going to be fun.

In the evening we’ll go to dinner and a show with the other families from the guesthouse.

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