I Want to Write a Fake Twitter Character

OK, we all know that I’m a geek. But the latest and greatest proof of that is that my favorite posts on Twitter come from fictional characters. Darth Vader, Cobra Commander, Fake John McCain, Fake Barack Obama. I don’t know what it is, but I’m a sucker for the fictional updates (as long as they’re good–G.I. Joe’s General Hawk kind of sucked).

There’s something about getting an update from Cobra Commander that makes me laugh. Maybe it’s the thought of an evil character doing something as mundane as text messaging. Or maybe it’s just the burst of something over-the-top funny and short. Sometimes life gets a little too serious and you need a little funny.

Anyway, I love the fake Twitter characters. And I want to write one. I’m into too many things that don’t pay the bills, so if I go this route it’ll have to pay. I haven’t figured out how to make Twitter pay (neither have they, so I’m not alone), so if anyone has ideas I’m game. Or if anyone would like to hire me to create their fake Twitter character, I’m so there.

11 thoughts on “I Want to Write a Fake Twitter Character”

  1. Dude, it doesn’t take that long to write a blurb once or twice a day. Do you really *need* to get paid for that?

    I have a fake Twitter character too, and I’m not getting anything for it. Maybe someday it’ll mature into something, but I doubt it. I just enjoy writing his stuff, and I hope the people who follow him enjoy it too.

  2. Mykl, that made me laugh out loud. I’ll have to think about that one.

    Josh, yeah, doing it for the heck of it would be fun. But I do *way* too many things like that. And while 140 characters once a day isn’t very much, it still takes time and brain power. I need to get some tangible benefit from it.

    I’ll keep thinking it over. As these ideas usually go, the more it gets a hold of me the more I can’t resist, tangible benefit be damned.

  3. I love it….hmmmm, I’d love to do something like this, too bad you can’t forward tweets or something, it could get viral…this could be fun. I wonder if holy cow could do something like this for a little added attention…hmmmm….now you got me thinking…

  4. Wow, four comments in like five minutes. I think I’ve struck a nerve.

    Andy, I haven’t seen an active Comic Book Guy on Twitter. Funny, but seems a little too predictable. I think it’s cheating if all you do is pull quotes from someone else’s fictional character, and it’d be way too tempting not to do that with Comic Book Guy. ;-)

    Michael, you’re welcome to hire me to give voice to the Holy Cow.

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