Confederate Flag Wavers Banned from Graduation

Three students from Bloomington, Minn., were suspended for waving Confederate flags on campus and will subsequently miss their graduation ceremony. I’ve got no sympathy for the students (their arms crossed, tough white boys picture doesn’t help) who pulled a dumb stunt and are now upset that they miss a ceremony. Welcome to real life, kids.

By the way, the graduation ceremony is just walking around in a robe. It’s not a prerequisite for getting a diploma.

Frankly, I’ve never understood displays of the Confederate flag. You can chalk it up to embracing the Southern lifestyle, but I don’t buy it. Nobody displays the Nazi flag and writes it off as German pride (nobody sane anyway). That symbol is tied up in slavery and racism, just as the Swastika is a symbol of hatred and racism.

Update: I’ve pondered this all before.

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