Triple Overtime Ends with No Cup for Detroit. Yet.

The Stanley Cup was in the house tonight as the Detroit Red Wings faced the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 5. The Penguins struck first with two goals in the first period and Detroit answered with one goal in the second. Detroit came alive in the third period and dominated, scoring the tying goal and the go ahead (you should have seen me jump up and dance to the computer to Twitter the GOALL!!!—I’m such a geek).

The Detroit Red Wings were 30 seconds from Stanley, but it’s not over till it’s over.

Pittsburgh scored in the last 30 seconds to send the game into sudden death overtime. Yikes, those things are tense. We made it through two and a half OT’s before the Penguins scored on a four-minute high sticking penalty and won the game, sending it back to Pittsburgh for a game six.

Wow. I love hockey. I love playoff hockey. But I hate watching for so long and having it end in disappointment. Arg. Now we’ll do it all again on Wednesday.

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