Restless Sleep and Mundane Dreams

I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning (on the most beautiful day of the year) and ended up going to bed early. A fitful sleep resulted in bizarre, weird dreams. Or rather, mundane dreams. At one point I was dreaming about nailing planks on to the backyard fence we’ve talked about but haven’t started building yet (currently we have a chicken wire concoction that’s holding up surprisingly well—I’m tempted to leave it, but always feel self-conscious when neighbors walk by).

In the dream I was planning exactly how to build the fence: how many nails to use, how to space the planks (two pencil widths), how far off the ground they should be, etc. And it was then I literally dreamed the thought, “Seriously, I’m dreaming this? My dream is building a fence? My dream sucks.”

One thought on “Restless Sleep and Mundane Dreams”

  1. Dude, the other night I dreamed about stitching the mouth on a monster. Seriously. Like, picking out the thread, putting it on the needle, and every little stitch. It was so lame. So I can TOTALLY relate.

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