Blog Archives Now Complete

It only took four and a half years, but my blog archives are now complete. All 2,370 entries going back to Dec. 5, 1998 are now available right here. No more going back to the hand-coded pages on the utterly defunct (may it rest in peace).

It’s kind of weird reading blog entries from nine years ago. Back then I didn’t even know what the word ‘blog’ meant.

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Still Waiting to Adopt and Where the Money Comes From

We haven’t talked about our adoption much lately. Mainly because we’re on the waiting list, and there’s not much to do other than wait. Yeah, we try to busy ourselves with other things, but we’re really just waiting. I think we’re down to 4-7 months now.

And since we haven’t been talking about it much lately, sometimes it’s easy to forget there’s going to be a new addition to our family soon. It’s easy to just settle into business as usual and not realize what kind of interruption that’s going to be. A very welcome interruption, but an interruption all the same.

Anyway, yesterday I was driving around town meeting friends and it gave me a needed opportunity to talk about our adoption. I found myself explaining that we’ve already paid more than $17,000 for the adoption–and I realized how insane that is. Where did that money come from?

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