What Kind of Blog Are You?

I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years and read a lot of blogs. Over those years I’ve been and read a lot of different types of blogs. Many of those types have been explained before, like the political blog or the niche blog or the insult blog. But I’ve seen quite a few other, much less famous types. So the question becomes, what type of blog is yours? (a not-so-complete list)

The Cat Blog
The blog that covers the mundane, like what your cat is doing.

The Bitch Blog
The blog that’s nothing but bitching, damn it!

The Mom Blog
Much like a cat blog, this type covers mundane things your children do.

The Introspective, What the Hell are You Talking About Blog
The blog that no one understands, except maybe the writer.

The I Have an Opinion About Everything Blog
I think the title says it all.

The I Haven’t Blogged in a While Blog
The blog with infrequent updates, all of which apologize for not blogging in a while.

The Ooh Shiny Blog
The blog that posts every new video, link or web trend, with no original thought of their own.

5 thoughts on “What Kind of Blog Are You?”

  1. Don’t forget the

    I’m so Smart and You Are Beneath Me Blog

    The blog that belongs to the eternal student who uses big words to talk about obscure “news” nobody really cares about.

  2. I think if I was on this list, I’d be somewhere between the “I Have an Opinion About Everything Blog” and the “I Haven’t Blogged in Awhile Blog.” Though of course I’d rather be neither.

    Twitter is my cat blog. I figure inanity is forgiven if it’s 140-characters at a time.

  3. As long as you keep the inanity interesting, I think it’s OK (and you do).

    I’m not sure where my blog is in the spectrum. I definitely used to be an Introspective, What the Hell are You Talking About Blog and sometimes I’m an I Have an Opinion About Everything Blog.

  4. How about the unfulfilled promises blog? The one where the author continuously apologizes for the poor look of the site, says they’ll post soon on some subject but never do, etc. I’ve definitely got some of that in me.

  5. I think my blog wavers between The Bitch Blog and the I Have an Opinion About Everything with a few The Cat Blog posts.

    Another category is the Too Much Information Blog, wherein the poster blogs about WAY too personal information. And the This is What I Ate blog … which … dude. Really?

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