You Can Do So Much More Than the Least You Can Do

Photo by Compassion InternationalI mentioned about a week ago that a group of bloggers were going to Uganda to experience Compassion International‘s child sponsorship program. They’ve been on the ground this week sharing their stories.

It’s pretty eye-opening.

we spent some time at a project yesterday with some of the brightest kids. this is a photo of henry and me. henry is in 7th grade. he is articulate, bright, and athletic. … he told me about his sponsor family in the states.

“mr. and mrs. james peterson,” he said. “do you know them?” he asked with a spark of familiarity and hope in his eyes. (from Anne Jackson)

And I’ve barely scratched the surface of what these 15 bloggers are talking about. But I also find it difficult.

Too Easy to Be Emotional
It’s too easy for these bloggers to give us emotional bombshells and challenge us to sponsor a child. They tell us about the six people living in a house the size of my bathroom. They tell us about the kid with two left shoes and how it breaks their heart because they own hundreds of shoes. They tell us about the space between the mud wall and the door jam that serves as a toothbrush holder.

You have to be made of stone not to be broken by these stories.

But it’s too easy. I think we’re too easily swayed by emotionalism. And it’s far too easy to think your $32 a month is your good deed done. That’s a drop in the bucket. Jesus was never impressed with that, he was impressed with the widow who gave everything she had.

Sponsoring a child for $32 a month is great. I encourage you to do it. But don’t stop there. Don’t you dare stop there.

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