Hanging Out with Jesus

One thing I learned from our small group tonight was that Jesus liked to hang out. Throughout the New Testament he spends a lot of time just hanging out with people. He’s not doing anything productive, he’s just hanging out. That Jesus–what a bum.

But I think Jesus was intentionally modeling the value of relationships. In many ways I think our faith is worked out in our relationships with others. When I’m really close to people I don’t have to do anything with them. We can just hang out.

That emphasis on hanging out is repeated with the early church in Acts when we see them sharing meals together (another thing Jesus did a lot).

Contrary to what we may think, Christianity cannot be lived in a vacuum. No Christian is an island. We need each other. There’s value in just being with other people.

Too bad we spend so much of our lives isolated–alone in our cars, alone in our cubicles, alone in front of our computers (oops). Maybe we need to get together more often and just be together.

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