Stolen Purse

My wife’s purse was stolen today. What a pain. We spent the afternoon and evening canceling credit cards and getting her a new driver’s license (the ID is crucial since we have to get fingerprinted by the Department of Homeland Security in a week or two as part of our adoption process–and they require photo ID).

Everything is canceled and I don’t think we’ll have to pay any fraudulent charges, but it is a pain and we are out whatever cash was in Abby’s purse (maybe $50) and the fee for a new license. Doh. Thankfully her cell phone and her car keys (with the expensive key fob) were not in her purse.

As near as we can guess somebody got into her classroom and took her purse, which was in her backpack and fairly well hidden. They managed to hit her classroom when her class was at lunch or recess. Within an hour they were racking up charges. They either got into the school and then walked into her classroom (which seems unlikely that no one would notice a stranger–unless it was an inside job, which seems equally unlikely) or they had a key to an outside door that opens into Abby’s class (the school is in an office building).

However it happened, it’s not very encouraging for the security at her school. I’m wondering what she’s supposed to do with her valuables on Monday since they’re obviously not safe in her classroom. Though at this point I guess she won’t have any more credit cards and she can probably just keep her cell phone with her.

All the hassles with someone else using our credit cards and the unending worries about identity theft really endear me to the whole chip in your hand idea. Just get some sort of credit card implant and you never have to worry about losing your card again. And if you do manage to lose the chip implanted in your hand, well, then you’ve got bigger problems than some crook’s spending spree.

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  1. Steph and I just bought LifeLock to avoid some of these kinds of things. (I came here just to make that comment, and now I see the Google text ads are serving up an ad for them. Schweet.)

    I don’t know yet how well it works or whether it’ll ever actually prevent some bad guy from doing bad things, but you’re the second friend of mine in the last month that has discussed this kind of issue or had something happen to them, so we figured that was about enough and it was time to protect ourselves.

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