Better in Virtual Life

I played Wii Bowling on Christmas Eve and bowled better than I do in real life (151 vs. 126/96). Now I’m wondering about the implications of being virtually better at something.

I also gave Guitar Hero and try and learned that all my years of practice with the air guitar amount to nothing.

One thought on “Better in Virtual Life”

  1. Yeah, my record for Wii bowling is in the mid 200s or something (it might be lower, but I’m forgetting the exact number right now), and my record in real life is about 155 (something I am not nearly capable of now)… just a tad different. Heh, and I’ve been averaging -2 or so in Wii Golf. Good luck with that in real life, heh.

    There’s a video on YouTube of a guy doing one of the most insane songs/levels in Guitar Hero II (when he gets done, the game says “Inhuman Achievement!”). He’s quite good. However, I would think investing that time in actual guitar playing to be much better, but that’s just me. And I would say the same for bowling and golfing ability. Oh well.

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