Sick for Christmas

Lexi got sick for the second major holiday in a row and spent Christmas Eve throwing up. Not exactly the best treat to leave for Santa. She seemed better on the ride home, but proved us wrong outside of Chippewa Falls when she threw up in the car. Again. After we stopped at a truck stop to clean her up she managed to do it a couple more times before we made it home. I’m beginning to associate holiday travel with the smell of vomit.

Highlight of Lexi’s sickness: Feeling like a negligent parent while cleaning up Lexi on the floor of the men’s room.

The bathroom had no changing station, Lexi started crying when I tried to take her into the stall (we have no idea what’s up with her fear of bathroom stalls), and the floor was wet and dirty. I ended up laying my hoodie on the floor in front of the door and changing her.

It was only while Lexi was standing there naked that I realized I forgot a clean diaper (the old was soaked from the outside in–ew) and had to a carry a dressed but diaperless child back outside for a new one.

And all this happened while more people than you would expect flowed in and out of the men’s room on Christmas, everyone of them trying to avoid eye contact and pretend there wasn’t a half naked, sickly smelling toddler on the floor.

Despite the whole bad parent situation, I did feel like a hero for sacrificing my hoodie to the bathroom floor.

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